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Horizon Labs is a leading company in creating the most advanced technology in the Marvel universe. It's headed by Max Modell, who has been featured in magazines such as WIRED on multiple occasions and is one of Peter Parker's science heroes.

There are seven lead scientists that work at Horizon and each have their own individual labs. The labs are equipped with the best and most advanced scientific equipment and each of the seven are allowed to create whatever they think will help the company and technology advance.

Peter Parker has recently been using his resources at Horizon to create new special costumes, including a stealth costume and a new Spider-Armor.


  • Headquarters- South Street Seaport, Manhattan, New York: Horizon Lab's main complex.
  • Zenith- International waters: A giant ship, known as "Horizon floating laboratory", used as emergency HQ after Mayor J. J. Jameson shut down the South Street Seaport facility.

Technology developed[]

  • Reverbium: A experimental metal based from the well-known Vibranium
  • Spidey Stealth Suit and the Noise reduction headphones: Technology capable of warping light and sound around it, making it invisible. From it, Peter Parker created the special headphones.
  • Apogee Space Station
  • Spider-Sense Inhibitor: A special machine to "turn off" Spider-Man's spider-sense and similar powers.
  • Spider-Armor MK II and the Special motorcycle helmet: A impact and bulletproff suit, from it, Parker created the special helmet.
  • Cryo Cube 3000: Capable of freezing living creatures and tissues without any harm
  • Anti-Spider virus serum: Capable of removing arachnid powers like Spider-Man's.
  • Break Room of Tomorrow: A room containing a version of itself 24 hours into the future.
  • Anti-Vampire gear: Gear created specifically to combat vampires.[1]
  • Anti-Zombie gear: Gear created specifically to combat zombies.[1]
  • Anti-Ghost gear: Gear created specifically to combat ghosts.[1]
  • Anti-Werewolf gear: Gear created specifically to combat werewolf's.[1]
  • Spider-Glider: Similar to the Goblin Glider.
  • Retardant Gel: A special gel designed to contain objects with two different types of temperature, maintaining the cold area hot and the hot area cold.
  • Spider-Armor MK III: A suit built to combat the various members of the Sinister Six.
  • Parker Particles: Hyper-kinetic energy tied directly to the expansion of the universe. Clean, affordable, and near-limitless power.


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