The Proteus Horn was an Atlantean relic that allowed the user to summon and control many of the sea monsters and mutates found in the sea. All that was known of the Horn’s origin is that is was a gift of the early Atlanteans. The Horn resembled a three-foot long spiral shell.

The Sub-Mariner used the horn to summon a Giganto to attack the surface world. It was lost at sea during battle with the Fantastic Four.[1]

It was found again by the Atlantean warlord Seth, who used the horn to summon several undersea creatures to attack the US Navy. When the creatures began attacking New York uncontrollably, Seth used the Horn again to lead the creatures out to sea, where he, the creatures and the horn were buried in an undersea earthquake.[2]


Counter Earth (a duplicate version of Earth), had its own version of the Horn. There, the Sub-Mariner once again used the horn to summon this world's Giganto to attack the surface world.

The Atlantean warlord Krang tried to trade the Horn to Black Knight. Kang hoped to trick the Black Knight into summoning forth an army of sea creatures that would displace enough water to send a massive tidal wave across North America. The Black Knight did not fall for this trick, and instead had the Radioactive Man boil Krang and his men alive in Lake Michigan.[3]


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