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When Spider-Man was accused of murder he donned several different costumes to disguise his identity so that he could continue saving lives. One of the personas that he adopted was Hornet. The suit was designed by Mary Jane Parker and the weapon gauntlets were designed by Spider-Man based on Ben Reilly's stinger darts. The cybernetically-controlled wing harness was designed by Prowler (Hobie Brown), who never used it as it was too heavy to be worn by a person of normal strength. Spider-Man, however, was easily able to wear it. He used it with great success for several days, becoming a popular hero with the media after his debut featured him thwarting the Looter's attempt to rob the Daily Bugle. However, during a battle, the Vutlture realized that he was actually Spider-Man and exposed him to Norman Osborn.[1] Peter used all four of his new identities, to confuse his foes, and to contradict speculation that the new heroes were all, in fact, the same person. Once he had cleared his name, he abandoned all of his new personas.[2]

Eddie McDonough

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The golden age hero Black Marvel acquired the four costumes. He then proceeded to give them to four youngsters forming a team that he named Slingers. Lyons provided Eddie McDonough with the Hornet Suit. He agreed in part because the armored suit restored full mobility to his palsied right arm.[3]

Melinda McDonough

Eddie's niece, Melinda McDonough designed and built her own version of the Hornet armor. Taking up the name Red Hornet, she used it in an attack on Wolverine to avenge her uncle's death. Unfortunately, she failed to realize that Logan was already dead, and she was attacking the wrong Wolverine.[4]


The Hornet Suit grants the user superhuman strength and has insect-like wings on the back that allows the user to fly at high-speeds. It can also project focused bursts of bio-electricity (the "Hornet Sting") that can stun or kill a person.

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Hornet's Suit from Spider-Man Edge of Time 001 On Earth-TRN199, Peter Parker recreated his Hornet Suit and placed it in his archives in Alchemax. Spider-Man: Edge of Time

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