One of Apocalypse's four lieutenants in Ancient Egypt was Death. During one of her master's consciousness transferal rituals in a pyramid, some of his worshipers attempted to entomb him alive by destroying the structure's supports. Using her telekinetic abilities, Death defended Apocalypse from multiple attackers alongside the other lieutenants. However, the pyramid soon fell apart and the four were crushed by the debris. Having managed to complete the transfer, Death had created a shield around Apocalypse before her demise, allowing the mutant to lay dormant for many years. [1]


  • Telekinesis: Death was capable of using telekinesis.
  • Shield Generation: Death was capable of creating shields around individuals, as shown when she generated one to protect Apocalypse.
  • Mind Control: Death was able to cause the mutant with a healing factor to sleep simply by commanding it.

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