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Quote1.png The hour of your glory is at hand, my Horsemen. Mount your beasts! Quote2.png

The flying steeds used by the Horsemen of Apocalypse unable to fly on their own.


The Horsemen of the 11th century

During the 11th century, Apocalypse gifted War with a zombiesque horse with leathery batlike wings and Famine with a bear with feathery wings while Pestilence and Death could fly on under their own powers.[2]

In 1459, in Romania, the Horseman of War rode an armed horse while he led the Riders of the Dark against Vlad the Impaler and his army.[5]

The modern Horsemen on their mounts

When Apocalypse transformed Autumn Rolfson, Plague, and Abraham Kieros into Famine, Pestilence, War, respectively, he equipped them with mechanical flying steeds.[4][1]

Following M-Day, Apocalypse recreated his Horsemen. When Gazer became War, he also received a winged mechanical horse as his steed.[6]

War and Famine riding their mounts to The Tower of Broken Will

When the First Horsemen returned from Amenth, they rode large dragon-like beasts.[3]

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