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Horsemen of Apocalypse
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Four Horsemen
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Formerly Apocalypse
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X-Men: Apocalypse
(May 18, 2016)
X-Men: Apocalypse
(May 18, 2016)


Quote1 -Where ever this being was, he would always have four followers who he would imbue with power.
-Like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He got that one from the Bible.
-Or the Bible got it from him.
--Moira MacTaggert and Alexander Summers[src]

In 3600 B.C., En Sabah Nur was growing old in his current form. Aided by his Horsemen, he performed a ceremony that would alloy him to transfer his consciousness and previously acquired abilities into a new host, a mutant who had enhanced healing. His priestess began the transfer, but a coup was launched by a few of his servants. All the Horsemen were killed while defending their master. En Sabah Nur's life was saved in the process.

Once En Sabah Nur awakened in 1983 Cairo, he decided to recruit again his four elite henchmen. The first was Ororo Munroe, a pickpocket who he saved from vengeful salesmen. While visiting Caliban in East Berlin seeking for powerful mutants, En Sabah Nur recruited his bodyguard Psylocke, who in turn directed him to a disgraced cage fighter, Angel. Finally, En Sabah Nur went after Magneto, who after witnessing the deaths of his wife and daughter was again angry and vengeful at normal humans. [1]


Transportation: Apocalypse's portals


  • According to Bryan Singer, the four Horsemen in X-Men: Apocalypse represents a different aspect of a cult's power to recruit: Magneto is the political faction; Angel who acts as a guardian, the military faction; Storm, the young whose mind is malleable, the youth faction; and Psylocke, the sexual component, "because cult leaders tend to sexualize their position and have sex with half the people in their cult."[2]


  • "The Four Horsemen" is the name of the song playing in the background of the scene where Apocalypse recruits Angel. It was released on the Metallica album Kill 'Em All in 1983.

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