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Horton Cells (H42N2C2O6) are synthetic replicas of human cells using plastic and carbon polymers, they duplicate the structures found in organic human cells. They were created by brilliant scientist Professor Phineas Horton. These cells can be grown in a culture, and are compatible with humans. The cells can activate latent mutant and Inhuman physiology. Even in small clusters, they are capable of generating and storing a remarkable amount of power:[1]

  • Professor Horton used the cells to create the first android. However, when exposed to Oxygen the cells burst into flames. The android then became known as the Human Torch.[1]
  • While traveling inside the Human Torch in miniaturized form, Ant-Man (Scott Lang) temporarily gained a version of the Torch's powers after coming in contact with one of the cells that power him.[2]
  • The Pyronanos are nano-machine based artificial beings, which were created using cells secretly extracted from Jim Hammond.[3]
  • Toro (Thomas Raymond)'s latent Inhuman physiology was exposed to Horton cells. The cells bonded to his nervous system and caused his powers to manifest as an exact duplicate of the Torch's.[4]
  • Frankie Raye was also exposed to Horton Cells. But her step-father Professor Horton was able to hide the event from her. But when she came in contact with Johnny Storm, the second Human Torch, her powers activated.[5]
  • Compound D, a mind control substance created by the Mad Thinker, is made from Horton cells.[6]
  • A Nazi scientist replicated the Human Torch by creating the Firebrand Squadron.[7]
  • The US government replicated the experiment creating Invader-1, a female version of the Human Torch nicknamed "Tara."[8]

The Horton Cells in the Human Torch's blood are compatible with humans, making him a universal donor:

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