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Host is a self appointed freedom fighter of the rights of all viruses everywhere, being a mutant who can communicate with and control pathogens at will.

The host was captured by Wolverine in Wakanda for S.H.I.E.L.D.. She is then enlisted by Nick Fury, Jr. and Maria Hill to help save all of Earth's living creatures, including the viruses and bacteria she'd sworn to protect, from a living virus from the Microverse.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Disease Manipulation: Host's mutant power enables her to control, project, absorb and communicate with diseases for her own purposes in taking them into herself to re-release again at will. She can use said sicknesses she procures to extremely deadly effect.

  • Microbial Communication:
  • Sickness Absorption:
  • Infection Immunity:
  • Disease Metabolization: The host can also utilize various bacteria and infections to physically embolden herself. Making her stronger, tougher and more robust than average human female. Strong enough to forcefully dismantle steel with her bare hands.
  • Affliction Enhancement: She can somewhat bolster the spread of infection of the diseases she distributes making them jump from host to contaminant zone faster than normal.

Physical Strength

Class 2+; able to bench 5 to 10 tons[3]

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