Originally, a large mansion built by a "crazy actor" during the 1920s in the Griffith Park area of north of the Hollywood Hills and Los Feliz neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California. The mansion eventually fell into an abandoned mine below it in Bronson Canyon during an earthquake.[1]

The Hostel was rediscovered and named by Chase Stein after reading about a "missing mansion" in one of his father's books.[1] Chase began spending time at this location because it was "off the beaten track". He later purchased a sign warning of a lethal radiation testing site to prevent others from exploring his haunt.[1]

Hostel (Bronson Canyon) from Runaways Vol 1 10 001

The cavern entrance to the Hostel

When the Runaways learned their parents were the super-villain cabal known as The Pride and became fugitives, Chase recommended using this location as their secret base of operations.[2] Eventually, Alex and the others agreed and the group began to reside there.[1]

The Hostel was seemingly destroyed by a spell from Nico's Staff of One after Alex secretly tipped off the L.A.P.D. to their location.[3]

Runaways (Earth-616) in the Hostel (Bronson Canyon) from Runawys Vol 5 2

Chase, Nico and Gert in the new old Hostel

Years later, Chase Stein was exploring the area and discovered the main house. The Runaways had only been using the guest house previously and that was what was destroyed by the L.A.P.D. The main house appeared to be more stable and well maintained, and Chase was able to equip it with electricity, running water, and wireless Internet.[4]


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  • The Hostel's WiFi password was "TALKBACK69." The Runaways also shared a Hulu account with the login "Chase:)"[5]

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