Quote1 Never, Dormammu! Not while the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth are mine to command! Quote2
-- Doctor Strange src


The Hosts of Hoggoth was a magical spell that called upon the powers of Hoggoth the Hoary to reverse or banish other spells.[1][3]


During his first battle with Dormammu, Doctor Strange commanded the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth to reverse a spell cast upon him.[1]

While battling Azrael, Doctor Strange called upon the Hosts of Hoggoth to form a metal fist and physically strike his opponent.[4]

While battling the demon Ikonn, Doctor Strange combined Hoggoth's Grim Clan and the Demons of Denak with the Chains of Krakkan to bind Ikonn.[2]


  • Doctor Strange more frequently invokes the Hosts of Hoggoth then casts the spell.

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