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The Hotrodders were villainous cyborgs, enemies of the mutie superteam X-Persons and of its associate teams Mutie Wanna-Bes and Mutie Usedto-Bes. Hotrodder leader Big Daddy Sinister, for reasons of his own, sent the Hotrodders to find and kill any mutant, in particular those mutants with insignificant roles in the comic-book plot. Eventually the Hotrodders recruited a new leader, Lorna Doone, who had been girfriend to X-Persons' Hamhock but changed her mind and decided to try and kill him. Apparently the team could have two leaders at once. The X-Persons were familiar with them.[1]

During the "Mutant Beach Party" saga, the X-Persons and friends were being harassed by the ominous consortium of their most deadly and most implacable enemies. The consortium recruited several villains and teams to attack the X-Persons before the consortium themselves made their grand entrance, and one of these teams was the Hotrodders.[2] While the X-Persons were in hiding in a forest, the Hotrodders appeared, made a shooting raid and left. X-Person leader Sturm-and-Drang asked Psy-lark to count the victims, which totalled 127 unknown mutants and 14 Star Trek redshirts.[1]


Transportation: Own legs/wheels of each member

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