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The House Champions are the best fighters representing each of the five Houses of the Five Weapons Society. The Champions are the successors to the Deadly Warriors.



After losing one of Society's Houses to Western invaders during the Boxer Rebellion, Zheng Zu relocated four of the five Houses outside of China, with each House hosting scores of Warriors with the best one being named the Champion of their House. Five of Zheng Zu's children would be raised in each of the Houses, with each of them emerging as the Champion of their respective House.[1]

Modern Era

By the present day, the Society had devolved into a criminal empire bent on destroying the western world. After discovering his father's evil nature, his son Shang-Chi defected from the organization, embarking on a years long campaign to dismantle Zheng Zu's criminal empire, eventually resulting in Zu's death. Unbeknownst to Shang-Chi, he was the designated Champion of the House of the Deadly Hand, which was left in shambles following his conflict with his father.[2]

After Zu's death, the title of Supreme Commander was passed onto his son, Brother Staff, who shifted the Society's goals to monetary gain rather than conquest. Staff's rule is challenged Sister Hammer, who usurps control from him following a duel to the death. Even though Zheng Zu's spirit selects Shang-Chi as his successor, Hammer names herself as the new Supreme Commander, prompting the remaining Champions Brother Sabre and Sister Dagger to seek out Shang-Chi to reclaim his rightful place as the Society's legitimate ruler.[2]

Following Sister Hammer's defeat and defection from the Society, Shang-Chi embraces his role as Champion, Brother Hand, and becomes the new Supreme Commander of the Society.[3] After discovering the existence of his exiled half-sister, Zhilan, Shang-Chi convinces her to rejoin the Society as the new Champion of the Deadly Staff.[4]

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