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The House of Agon is the name to a group of Inhumans who have a familial relation to the late Agon, former ruler of the Inhumans. The House of Agon is also referred to by the more generic title of Royal Family of the Inhumans, or the Inhuman Royal Family.

Inhuman Nature

Maximus secretly built a weapon that could wipe out all human life, though it would be ineffective against the Inhumans. The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. tried to stop him, but they were opposed by the other members of the Royal Family until Maximus' plot was exposed, leading to his defeat.[1]


When Attilan hovered above New York, Medusa declared war on humanity, while she was secretly under the control of Maximus, along with the rest of the Royal Family. Spider-Man and Triton were able to stop him.[2]

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