After Thanos took over the Earth following an invasion from the Builders, Thanos allowed the Inhumans to reside in the city of New York City, renaming it New Attilan, while he wiped out everyone else on Earth. Maximus tried to oppose Thanos, but he was killed. Triton survived the Builders' assault and Thanos' initial takeover, but what became of him after that is unrevealed. There was a truce between the Inhumans and Thanos and his Black Order, but the Inhuman Royal Family swore to kill Thanos. Gorgon and Crystal tracked down the mutant Dazzler and smuggled her into New Attilan, hoping to hide her. They met up with Medusa and Karnak through Lockjaw, but they were discovered by the Black Order, and a fight ensued. Thanos and Black Bolt eventually joined in. In the end, Thanos and his Black Order were all killed, but Gorgon, Karnak, and Lockjaw were dead as well. Before being killed by Black Bolt, Corvus Glaive revealed that Black Bolt had betrayed Earth by wiping out Earth's remaining heroes to prevent opposition to Thanos' takeover in exchange for Thanos' protection.[1]

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