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The House of Ideas is the core of all of reality, and the birthplace of all that was, all that is, and all that yet may be.[1] It is the dwelling space of the One-Above-All, the ultimate creator of everything, and within this place, infinite stories are born, and thoughts and ideas can take physical shape.[2] The House of Ideas has many entry points. One of them is located on Earth due to humanity being essential to the One-Above-All's designs, and is manifested as a suburban residence in Hewlett Harbor, Long Island.[2]

The House of Ideas is also home to a library which archives the exploits of every hero who has ever existed in the form of books, written unconsciously by the collective minds of their believers. This collection is curated by Now and Then, two of the children of Eternity. Now and Then routinely seek out heroes to bring into the House of Ideas to bargain with them and give their collections more pages, therefore more time for adventures and exploits. Now and Then have struck this kind of deal with the likes of Thor, Spider-Man and Logan, each having unconsciously lured the twin's intervention due to their fondest wish. In the case of Thor, out of necessity for his lifetime to contain all the feats he had been prophesied to perform. For Spider-Man, out of his sense of responsibility and his desire to save more people. For Wolverine, out of his wish for more time to be punished. Most heroes who have stepped in the House of Ideas do not retain memory of Now and Then's intervention.[3]

Long Island entry point

After the Olympian goddess of the night Nyx regained her godhood from the shattered pieces of her soul, she managed to pinpoint the Long Island entry point of the House of Ideas. Realizing that the House of Ideas was the birthplace of everything, she planned to claim it for herself and remake the Multiverse in her image, plunging all of creation into eternal night. Her efforts were opposed by a ragtag team of heroes composed of Hercules, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Spectrum, Hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon, Conan the Cimmerian, the Hulk, and Voyager. Most of the heroes were either repelled or seemingly disintegrated by the power of the House, with only Vision managing to make it through the door.[1] Inside the blank void within the house, Vision confronted Nyx. He combined his internal database which contained the Avengers' files with the power of the House to imagine into existence a myriad of super heroes. This manifestation of the light of the human spirit pushed back against Nyx, weakening her until Vision, engulfed by this light's fire, burned the Queen of Nights to ash. Following Nyx's defeat, Vision exited the House.[2]

Following the War of the Realms, Loki became the king of Jotunheim, but found himself bored by his new circumstances.[4] Loki was further disillusioned when Thor took him to the Halls of All-Knowing in Omnipotence City and showed him the previously-restricted Books of Loki, a single tome that prophesied a long and peaceful, albeit uneventful, life for Loki. Heeding the desire in Loki's heart to do more with his life, Now and Then approached Loki and brought him to the House of Ideas,[5] where they struck up with him the deal to give more pages to his collection of exploits, rewriting the Books of Loki with a hero's stories in exchange for an eventual hero's death.[3]



  • The House of Ideas is named after Marvel Comics's popular moniker.
  • The vehicle parked outside the House of Ideas on Long Island had a licence plate that read SML JKK,[1] the initials of Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber) and Jack "King" Kirby.

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