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  • Hector Ayala (First appearance)
  • unnamed mutant police officers




Synopsis for 1st story

Luke Cage's gang is fighting a turf war with the Dragons. The Sons of the Tiger stopped the fight, believing that Sapiens should stick together in a mutant-dominated world. However, the Dragon leader, Shang-Chi, refuses to do so, preferring to take his revenge on Magneto for killing his father on his own. He also demanded the Amulets of the Tiger back; the Sons challenge him to prove he can do alone without help; he throws the amulets away, which are later found by Hector Ayala.

Sometime later, the Castle family is enjoying a picnic in Central Park. However, Frank Castle is more concerned over getting a job, which is difficult due to Sapiens being second-class. He and his wife then follow their kids to see a few squirrels. However, they instead come upon a gang of mutants doing an execution. Reacting quickly, he tells his family to run, as he killed all of the mutants before the police arrived. He is brought to the Midtown North Precinct, where FBI agent Thunderbird notes that his United States Marine Corps training is impressive; Frank could tell that the FBI wants to use his abilities to take some people down and have him on an all-mutant team to show that they're not prejudiced. Thunderbird admits that off the record, he's right. He also informs Frank that he's being called the Punisher by the media. Therefore, they need him as the Sapien face for their special taskforce: the Brotherhood, composed of Avalanche, Boom Boom, the Blob, Taskmaster and Feral.

At Josie's Bar, Sapien Town, Cage's gang takes on the name Avengers. As everyone retired, Cage tells Misty why he doesn't swear.

Later, Misty lists the profiles she gained on the Avengers to Thunderbird, considering it valuable information. However, Thunderbird fears that her objectivity has been compromised. If possible Captain Leland must fire her if possible. And if she is no longer on the force, then she'll have to give up her bionic arm, as it is police property. He tells her to arrange a conflict between the Avengers and the Dragons. Then, she'll kill Cage with a gun loaded with adamantium bullets, strong enough to even pierce Cage's thick skin.

At night, the Avengers hit a truck that is suppose to be carrying inhibitor collars. However, the Dragons turn up to stake their claim and start a fight. Even worse, out of the truck springs the Brotherhood. Thunderbird specifically orders Misty to kill Cage to end his insurrection. However, she insists that they take them down without lethal force. Angry that she had lost her nerve, Taskmaster is given the order to shoot. Tigra jumps in the way to defend Cage, as the bullet slams through her breasts. Cage is momentarily distracted, giving Misty a clear shot.


Unlike the mainstream universe, Frank Castle's family is still alive

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