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Thunderbird urges Misty Knight to fire her gun full of adamantium bullets at Cage, who is momentarily distracted. However, she instead shoots Blob in the eye, before elbowing Thunderbird in the chest with her bionic arm and then palmed Avalanche and lastly shot her just near the radio to hurt Taskmaster's ears. The Avengers and Dragons then retreat. However, the former are blocked by the Punisher. Moon Knight accuses him of being a sell out; Punisher retorts that they are making things hard for people like him. Cage yells if it was him who shot Tigra, to which Castle answers no. His moment of distraction enables Hawkeye to block his gun's barrel with an arrow. The Avengers then disappear. An angry Thunderbird orders Avalanche to level the street, killing four people.

In the immediately fallout, the Avengers bury Tigra before robbing the home of Jason Wyngarde, giving all his money to the poor Sapiens living in poverty. Soon enough, young Sapiens began spraying the symbol of the Avengers over the House of M symbol.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood was doing its best to track down Cage. Eventually, Thunderbird brings in Hector Ayala, who had found the tiger amulets from the Sons of the Tiger and refused membership in the Avengers. He is threatened by Thunderbird to join up with the Avengers and bring them down or else his family's safety and well-being will be threatened. However, Hector refused, sending his family out of the country and fought against the Brotherhood. But before being captured, he sent the amulets to his niece Angela Del Toro, who became the next White Tiger and joined the Avengers.

In the meantime, Cage began to making alliances with the Dragons, Wolfpack and Kingpin.

Castle eventually becomes disillusioned with the Brotherhood after they ruffed up a few Sapien kids spraying graffiti. Thunderbird justifies that showing off the Avengers' symbol is sufficient cause to think the suspects have ties to Cage. But Castle doesn't see the justification in brutally crippling one of the suspects. Therefore, he wants to quit or be suspended. However, Thunderbird reminds him that other crimelords may come after his family if he doesn't stick with them.

Word of what happened filtered right back to the Avengers from Angela's contacts in the FBI. Hawkeye expresses that they've been keeping a low profile for too long and Sapiens are losing hope. Thus, several months later, they decide to reach out to Castle. Cage, Iron Fist and Hobie have Castle "arrest" them. However, Castle was actually collaborating with them to secure his family's move to Wakanda. But after they upload a virus to the police database, they find that the Taskmaster was waiting for them. However, all the trick arrows he uses against Cage don't even make a scratch against him. Cage then gets his revenge for Tigra's death by punching him in the face.

At the Wakandan embassy, Cage and Misty meet with the Wakandan ambassador to arrange Castle's departure. As they leave, they have a slight talk, before they kiss.

At a hospital, it is discovered that Taskmaster is actually a Sapien with photo-reflexes. Angry with the way that Cage is messing with them, therefore Thunderbird collaborates with the Kingpin.

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