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A holographic message from Frank Castle informs the Avengers that Magneto is planning on cracking down on the Sapiens -- everyone, everywhere. This compels Hobie, Misty and Mockingbird to leave for Wakanda. Misty believes that a small neighbourhood is nothing to the world where Sapiens aren't free. Cage disagrees, as those looking at the big picture are distracted from the little people. Nonetheless, Misty and Mockingbird leave.

Several days later, in Kingpin's office, Thunderbird, who had turned a blind eye to Fisk's operations for years, is informed that several of the Avengers are leaving the country; Thunderbird considers it unacceptable, as he wants the Avengers taken down. As the meeting is adjourned, Black Cat asks if she can go home. However, Fisk reveals that he knows that she's an informant to Cage, given that she's fundamentally different than his other enforcers. Bullseye and Elektra attack her, before Fisk throws her out the window.

Meanwhile, the three gangs, Dragons believe that they have found the Mandarin's rings; Wolfpack is planning on striking an alliance with the Pride; and Avengers are waiting for their Wakandan contact. However, it is all a trap, as Fisk's enforcers and the Brotherhood simultaneously attack them all. Only the Avengers escape, due to Black Cat's warning and the arrival of Cloak. The last group manages to hide in a warehouse formerly belonging to the Maggia.

The Avengers decide to pay Fisk a visit, taking down his goons before Cage delivers a hard blow to Kingpin. He then tells Thunderbird over the viewscreen that this is personal. On the other side, Thunderbird is will to reciprocate, planning on purging Sapien Town.


This takes places years after issue 3

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