Quote1 'Power Man?' Dude deserves to get arrested just for HAVIN' such a corny name. Quote2
-- Luke Cage

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Reporter Trish Tilby announces that the Brotherhood is performing a purge of all criminal organizations in Sapien Town. The broadcast is seen by the Avengers, who downright know that this is a purge. Luke Cage tells his team that they can either stay here, or go to Wakanda; his team adamantly decide to stick by his side. However, everyone but Hawkeye switches out of their costumes.

At Midtown North Precinct, NYPD Commissioner Harry Leland congratulates Thunderbird on a job well done. Thunderbird says it is not the time to celebrate, with Cage on the loose. They figure that when they capture him, it would be impossible for him to escape a prison even with Cloak's help, given that the prison is designed with a teleportation scrambler.

However, Cage wasn't looking for a teleportation escape from prison, but for Cloak to drop him onto the prison, enabling him to free all the Sapien prisoners. Thunderbird receives word of the jail break while ransacking an apartment. The Brotherhood races back, where they fight against the Avengers, Wolfpack and Dragons. Thunderbird doesn't hold back against Cage, intending on finishing him to break the Sapiens' spirit. However, Cage refused to give up, throwing a car at Thunderbird. He declares that the Sapiens will not die like the dinosaurs. All this was filmed by Ms. Tilby, who has made sure that the footage has made it worldwide. Before Cage left the scene, he sees the cheering faces of the other Sapiens, with renewed hope.

Because of the leak, the Brotherhood is disbanded and reassigned. Magneto personally tells Thunderbird off to attempting to purge Sapien Town. He tells his friend that he is a Holocaust survivor and can't be seen condoning such things. He promises that time will solve the Sapien problem. But for now, Sapiens will police Sapien Town and Sam Wilson will be chasing down Cage. Thunderbird reacts bad to this but accidentally said "Sap" in his statement of how Magneto is caving in. However, he realizes his mistake too late, as he had already insulted Magneto's daughter Wanda, who is a Sapien, thus sending him on unpaid leave.

At Josie's Bar, Misty tells Luke that she'll help Sapien Town get back up on its feet before she leaves for Wakanda. Cage, on the other hand, realized that she was right about taking Sapien rights globally but he wants to stay so that he could protect the little people. Nonetheless, they both celebrate their victory with the rest of their team.

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