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Wolverine's entire life from the real world flashes before his eyes, up to when Professor Xavier brought up the subject of what to do with Wanda Maximoff. Mystique attempts to ask him what's wrong and suggests that he see Madame Web if there is a problem. Instead, Wolverine jumps down into New York City below. Once he makes a hard landing, he reads a newspaper detailing the House of M, before stealing a motorcycle to locate the Xavier Institute. However, he soon finds that the Institute is just a mansion with a family who have never even heard of Xavier. Wolverine then rushes off to a telephone booth near a diner to locate Xavier or Peter Parker; amazingly, for the latter, he learns that there is a fan club. He then notices a group of mutants harassing a female Sapien. Angrily, he pops his claws and advances on them.

Some time later, he arrives back into New York to contact Tony Stark at Stark Tower. Unfortunately, Stark is not in the tower. Worse, the Red Guard, having been ordered to bring him in by any means necessary, has tracked him down; they include Jessica Drew, Toad, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Mystique. He makes a run for it. As he escapes on his motorcycle, he runs into Cloak, who teleports himself elsewhere. On the other side, Wolverine recognizes Luke Cage, among the other Humans (Homo sapiens) in the room. Cage asks that Wolverine take out the tracking device in his neck. Even more surprising, the once deceased Hawkeye emerges out of Cloak to demand that he complies.


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Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are:
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