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Quote1.png House of Magnus!! House of Magnus??!! Logan, we're -- we're going to find Magneto, and, oh! That is it!! This is it!! We're going to kill him! And his kids! Quote2.png
Emma Frost

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In Genosha, King Erik Magnus is walking the courtyards of his palace, when he meets one of his grandsons, who presents him a model ship he created with his mind.

Hawkeye demands that Wolverine remove his tracking device. When the latter asks that he calm down, the answer is an arrow shooting through his neck, causing blood to spill on the floor. As Cage and Hawkeye argue, Wolverine's healing factor enables him to recover within thirty seconds. Just as he chastises them for not taking the tracker soon, House of M-type Sentinels storm their hiding place, killing all they see. Cloak is barely able to recover what was left of Cage's group, including Cage himself, Felicia Hardy, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Danny Rand, etc, into Kingpin's empty office. After Cage explains that they were curious how the S.H.I.E.L.D. Red Guard's star agent went AWOL. Wolverine explains how he remembers that reality was warped by Wanda Maximoff to make mutants the dominant species of Earth over regular humans; Cage tells him that the Wanda of this reality is human; Wolverine also tells Hawkeye that Wanda killed him in the normal reality. When asked how does he remember, he answers that his greatest desire is to remember every detail of his life that was mostly mind-wiped. Only Xavier could have found that out and Wanda must have granted his wish. Cage is willing to believe him, all because of the girl, Layla, who also knows that this reality is wrong, showing him that his real life is suppose to be with Jessica Jones and his child. Wolverine guesses that she must be a special mutant to realize this. He then asks for a phone book.

Cloak teleports everyone into the Summers Residence; Wolverine is more surprised to find that Cyclops and Emma are married. When Emma walks in, she uses her telepathy to place commands in everyone's heads to be quiet. However, she stops at Wolverine, finding that he actually knows her. Confused, she looks at Layla, whose powers awaken her unconscious memories. Shocked at the reality of their situation, Emma declares that they will find Magneto and his family and kill them for causing them. Popping a can of beer, Wolverine tells her that they need to find more troops to accomplish this and if they do, it doesn't mean that the world is screwed for good.


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