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Quote1.png Logan, I swear to God...I think I'm going to kill them. Magneto. His stupid daughter. I'm gonna kill them with my bare hands. I'm not -- I'm not going to be able to stop myself. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Inside Layla Miller's head, Emma Frost analyzes what her powers are. Apparently, given that they are simultaneously psychic and not psychic, capable of awakening the unconscious memories of a person even in a reality warp, she is described as a conundrum. Emma offers her to coach Layla to help them gather any heroes to save the world.

When they return to the physical world, a confused Cyclops has come in. Layla, with Emma's help, awakens Cyclops to the truth of their situation. He barfs as a result, before asking about Professor Xavier. Wolverine then explains that they don't know and he isn't at the Institute. But there are a few people they can locate.

Peter Parker is enjoying a nice day with his family. Then, right in front of him are the awakening heroes. Layla restores his memories, causing him to freak out from the shock, especially to see Gwen Stacy and his Uncle Ben alive, and runs off. While Emma telepathically suggests that his family go to the park, Wolverine locates Peter up on a rooftop, trying to convince himself that this is a trick of Mysterio's. After a short talk with Wolverine, Peter states that he will beat Magneto and his family to death with his bare hands.

The heroes then locate and awaken Kitty Pryde, Stephen Strange, Carol Danvers, Tony Stark, Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock. However, they don't select Steve Rogers, who had never gone through World War II and therefore is an old man.

Emma explains to the assembled heroes their theory that Magneto used his daughter Wanda to create this world and used Xavier to discover and grant their deepest desires so they'd feel comfortable. She then asks if there are any doubts; there are none, except for Hawkeye, whose thoughts she is able to read. She asks that he allow Layla to awaken his true memories, but he refuses to have his head poked in. Wolverine and Murdock sense the Red Guard's approach, who crash through the wall. As the fighting begins, Rogue grabs Layla by the hair and demands that they all surrender. However, her exposed finger touches Layla's skin, causing her to absorb her power and quickly awaken the rest of the Red Guard; Mystique, shocked that she was in a relationship with Wolverine in this reality, slips him across the face, breaking her hand. Danvers then notices that Hawkeye's gone. As everyone adjusts and asks for a plan, Wolverine states that they must go to Genosha to get the whereabouts of Xavier from Magneto.

In Genosha, Polaris approaches her father Magneto, to inform him that their guests will be arriving soon. He promises to attend to that, but first want to approach the Xavier Memorial Garden, which reads "He died so Genosha could live."


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