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Quote1.png No coffin. No body. Just dirt. There's nothing here. Xavier's not here. It's not over yet. Quote2.png

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Emma Frost leads the assembled X-Men and Avengers, including Toad and Mystique, onboard the Helicarrier, using her telepathy to prevent anyone from seeing or hearing them. She then plants a command in Captain Greycrow's head to set course for Genosha.

A Latverian aircraft arrives in Genosha. Once it docks, Victor Von Doom disembarks to shake hands with Magneto, mainly for the pictures.

As the assembled heroes take a small break in the Helicarrier's cafeteria, Luke Cage tries calling his girlfriend Jessica Jones, only to hit her answering machine, learning that in this reality, she is dating a man named Scott. Cyclops then gives a rousing speech to everyone, stating that no matter what, they cannot hold back if they are to return things to the way they were. Spider-Man asks how are they going to do just that, to which Emma responds that they will figure that out when they arrive. However, Jessica Drew asks if it's better that they take a chance for happiness, to which Wolverine and Emma disagree.

In Genosha, as the House of Magnus welcomes von Doom, Namor, Storm, T'Challa and Genis-Vell as honoured guests from their respective nations, Cyclops organizes the X-Men and Avengers into three teams, to distract Magneto while Doctor Strange and Emma locate Professor Xavier. He is proven right, when one of the guards, Phantazia, senses the approach of a Sentinel, bearing down on the city. Magneto and Polaris are able to stop it in mid-air with their magnetic powers. Then, out of the Sentinel came the awakened heroes, attacking as a hard and fast as they could. Even Rogue tackles Namor and Storm to absorb their powers.

Elsewhere, Cloak brings Emma and Layla Miller to the Xavier Memorial Garden. Emma collapses to her knees, shocked that they have failed. However, Cloak looks beneath the stone and states that there are no bones, meaning that this isn't over yet.

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