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Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

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The battle between the awakened heroes and the House of M continues. Rogue herself even absorbs a huge amount of mutant powers to help them win this. As the House of M, minus Magneto, takes cover behind Polaris' magnetic shield, their sister Wanda disassembled like blocks. An enraged Quicksilver presumes that their attackers have caused this. He dashes at Rogue, only to be blasted away by her.

Above all the chaos, Doctor Strange's astral form noticed a pink light coming from one of the towers. Phasing through it, he finds Wanda, playing with her twin boys. The body that disassembled outside was actually for show. Strange then tries questioning Wanda if she was the one who created Layla, to which she claims she doesn't know. He then shows her the battle outside, where their friends are fighting. Wanda laments that "he" just wanted everyone to be happy. "He" was in fact Quicksilver. When he tried pleading his father to do something, Magneto just didn't know what to do. Even Wanda was considering to die. However, Quicksilver convinced her that she can use her powers and Xavier's to create a better world where everyone, including their friends, can have their most greatest desires. Strange relays this information to Emma. But before he could ask Wanda about Xavier's whereabouts, an arrow stabs her in the back.

The shooter is Hawkeye, who is angry at Wanda for what she has done. After she removed the arrow, one of her sons renders him non-existent. Wanda then starts having another breakdown, one which she can't control.

Meanwhile, in the Xavier Memorial Garden, Magneto has found Emma, Layla and Cloak and demands to know why they are attacking his family. Layla panics and her powers accidentally affect Magneto, alerting him to the truth. In anger, he returns to the battlefield to find Quicksilver. He viciously attacks his son, demanding to know what he has done. Quicksilver argues that they were going to kill his sister. Magneto retorts that he only used her and him, something he would've never allowed. He uses huge pieces of metal to beat his son to a bloody pulp.

Suddenly, Wanda appears and revives her brother. She then lashes out at her father, declaring that they, mutants, are not gods or rulers, but freaks and he chose world conquest over his own children. She then says three words: "No more mutants." In a blinding flash, the House of M world disappears into nothing.


Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are:
Pag. 1 (Characters who appears in those pages also appears in New Avengers #45 at pages 13-14)

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