Quote1 I remember. My whole life. I remember all of it. Quote2
-- Wolverine

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Synopsis for 1st story

The House of M world has disappeared and the normal Earth has returned. Layla Miller wakes to this restored world.

At Avengers Tower, Peter Parker wakes up to see his wife Mary Jane by his side. He then rushes into the Avengers conference room, where he finds the others, some who remember House of M and some who don't. A ragged Doctor Strange then stumbles in, explaining that everything is not all right.

At the Xavier Institute, Emma Frost wakes up to find that most of the students have lost their powers, including Iceman having lost his ice form. Emma checks Cerebra and determines that there are only a few hundred mutants left with powers. The X-Gene itself was either erased for turned off for everyone else. Nightcrawler goes to check up on Wolverine, fearing that losing his healing factor will allow the adamantium in his body to kill him. Instead, he remembers every moment of his life.

Words of mutants suddenly losing their powers have gone has been noticed worldwide. The Avengers are more shocked at this outcome. Captain America and Ms. Marvel asks Strange is he can uses the magics to locate Wanda, to which responds he can't. He laments that he had failed in his task to protect the world from such a disaster. Spider-Man then asks him if he magically erase the memories of the House of M from his mind, to which Strange replies that it's not how it works. Iron Man and Jarvis then alert everyone that there is a break-in at the Mansion. Upon arrival, they find a number of arrows pinning Hawkeye's costume and an article about his death, leaving confusion about what has happened

The X-Men find a depowered Magneto in Genosha. They demands to him as to Wanda's whereabouts, to which he doesn't know. Wolverine is half of mind to kill him, but decides to let him live his "sapien" life.

With Xavier missing and Wanda being shown, living a normal life, Hank Pym gives a theory that those powers couldn't have just gone away. As stated by Newton's Third Law of Motion, for every action force, there is a reaction.

As if to puncture the statement, a colossal red ribbon appears above Earth.


Chronology Notes

Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are: Pag. 1

Pag. 6

Pag. 10

Pag. 11

Pag. 20


  • The majority of the world's population is revealed to be depowered, including Magneto.

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