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Quote1.png All right, Red Guard! Time to earn that paycheck! Quote2.png
-- Agent Wolverine (James Howlett)

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Synopsis for 1st story

King Magnus wakes up on his royal bed. He is warm and safe, but he remembers a few times that he’d woken up cold and in danger, like the times he’d fought against Namor or the Sentinels. He recalls how the events of this reality led all the mutants to rally under the banner of House M when he called himself Magneto.

He’s just happy that he’d lived long enough to see it.

With the permission of Doom, Magnus is now the ruler here. The people feel safe though some of the elders still remember when the Sentinels who now patrol the streets to protect mutants, used to hunt them. With S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Wolverine piloting the sole sentinel flying overhead, and a retinue of mutant agents with him, onlookers below gawk at the sight.

In Josie’s Bar, several humans gather to discuss helping Luke Cage take over King Magnus’ throne. Just as he’s getting to the plan, he is interrupted by Wolverine’s sentinel stepping on him, hurting him badly. The agents leap out and attack the humans. Wolverine kills Iron Fist and slices off Misty Knight’s cybernetic arm. Still, she, the Black Cat, and Clint Barton escape.

They are chased through the streets until they are rescued by Deathlocket, apparently Deathlok’s daughter. They Destroy the Sentinel that was chasing them though it is unknown if it was the Sentinel that Wolverine was operating.

Back in the Royal Palace, Prince Peitro is acting strangely. He is late for his meeting at the trade agreements with the Atlanteans and Princess Lorna notices that he is acting out of character. Princess Wanda, his other sister, has her own problems as her children Wiccan and Speed are fighting for human rights, embarrassing their mother. Lorna goes to tell her father about Prince Pietro, but Magnus shrugs her off.

Meanwhile, Prince Pietro swims down to Atlantis to meet with Namor. Apparently, he is in collusion with the Submariner to take over the surface world.

Solicit Synopsis

• The House of Magnus controls all, having crushed all resistance to their reign. Magneto rules with an iron-fist, while his children and grandchildren live their lives as royals—with all the privileges and pit-falls that come with that title.

• But is Magneto’s control as all-encompassing as it seems? And what happens to a conqueror when there is no one left to conquer?

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