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Synopsis for 1st story

King Magnus sits in his study playing chess by himself. He is not alone, though, as someone or something is chained-up behind his throne. It threatens to kill him and his family, but Magnus is not concerned.

In another part of the realm, Deathlocket, Hawkeye, Misty Knight, and the Black Cat are hiding in the underground base where Deathlocket’s father built hundreds of Deathlock cyborgs. They have limited functionality, but the rebels have a plan.

Wiccan and Speed are causing havoc when Wolverine and his S.H.I.E.L.D. team show up. The Scarlet Witch ARRIVES AND TELLS Wolverine to go away, as he’s trying to arrest her children. She breaks him down using her reality manipulation powers and reforms him away from her. She grabs Wiccan and Speed and then departs.

The Deathlocks attack the base, but they are only a distraction as Hawkeye and his team sneak into Magneto’s chamber. They battle and Hawkeye fires an arrow that hits Magnus. No ordinary arrow, the device on the arrowhead disrupts Magnus’ mutant power over magnetism, causing the chains that were holding the other being to slacken. Out comes Fin Fang Foom and he throws Magneto into a stone pillar.

Polaris comes in to rescue Magneto and they escape, but not before a huge tidal wave engulfs the entire castle. It is Namor and Quicksilver, and they are here to dispose of Magnus.

Solicit Synopsis

• What do QUICKSILVER and NAMOR have planned for Magneto’s kingdom? Is the heir-apparent to the House of Magnus a traitor?!

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