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Quote1.png You could make the argument that I deserve this watery grave. Poetic justice. A man who spends his mornings in silk robes -- sipping juice and bemoaning his boring life of leisure and opulence -- might be begging for a rough afternoon. I longed for the conflict and discord of my youth -- yet now here I float in what's left of my flooded royal library. Shot in the chest with an assassin's arrow -- my mutant powers inexplicably neutralized. You could certainly say I had all of it coming. Go ahead. Say it. Say it to my face. See what happens. Quote2.png
-- Baron Erik Magnus

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Synopsis for 1st story

King Magnus and the rebels Hawkeye, Misty Knight, and Felicia Hardy are all floating helplessly in Castle Magnus after the attack by Prince Pietro and Namor and the Atlantian army. The rebels managed to remove Magnus’ mutant powers of magnetism but Polaris, on the other hand, still has her magnetic mastery. She makes a hole in the wall that allows the water to rush out, permitting everyone to breathe again. She renders the rebels unconscious and brings them out of the castle to the streets of Genosha

King Namor installs Pietro as the new King of Genosha and an announcement is made. When Wanda hears this she moves to attack the castle but is intercepted by S.H.I.E.L.D. She dismantles a helicarrier and several sentinels before Pietro faces her directly and tells her how unstable their father was and how he needs her to rule by his side. She accepts.

The rebels manage to escape Magnus and Polaris only to be recaptured a short time later. They are able to see how Pietro is even worse that Magnus in his tyrannical mistreatment of humans and when Death Locket comes to rescue them, they enlist Magnus and Polaris into helping them to depose of King Pietro.

We leave the team as they are breaking into one of the Human Reeducation Facilities.

Solicit Synopsis

• In order to retake everything he has lost, MAGNETO, the rightful patriarch of the House of Magnus, must ally himself with those he has sworn to rule—LUKE CAGE and the rest of the human resistance!

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