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The House of Shadows was an old cottage on the outskirts of New York City that was rumored to be haunted. When a TV reporter entered the house to investigate, he was swallowed by the mystical forces of the house. Doctor Strange ventured into the house to free the journalist and learned that the house was a visitor from a shadow world that bordered a pocket realm near Limbo, that came to Earth to observe humanity. Strange banished the house to its home dimension.[1]

The entity made its way back to Earth, and was encountered by ROM the Spaceknight, Steve Jackson, and Brandy Clark.[2] While on the run from the forces of the Dire Wraiths, the trio entered an abandoned house, which then tried to carry off Steve and Brandy. Dr. Strange contacted ROM via a dream, and told ROM the true nature of the house. Using this knowledge, ROM used his Neutralizer to cast the entity to Limbo.

Once more the entity made its way back to Earth, this time taking the shape of the top floor of a condominium. The disappearances of the building's residents caught the attention of Dr. Strange, who recognized the patterns of the entity. Strange used the opportunity to test his disciple Rintrah. Rintrah used the same methods as his teacher, and cast the entity back to its realm once again.[3]

The House of Shadows reappeared on Earth, taking the form of the top floor of an apartment building. When people started going missing, a neighbor went to Moon Knight for help. He ventured into the building's floor, but it eventually casted him out after an attempt to connect with Moon Knight's fractured mind caused it agony. After seeking help from Wong, Moon Knight learned about the floor's true nature as the House of Shadows. Finding compassion for the House, Moon Knight offered to help it fulfill its desire to be lived in. The House of Shadows then took over the ruins of the offices of Moon Knight's Midnight Mission, refurbishing Moon Knight's base of operations and becoming it.[4]

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