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The House of the Deadly Staff is one of the five Houses of the Five Weapons Society named in honor of the Deadly Warriors. Located in a forest outside of London, the castle is home to the Warriors of the Deadly Staff.[1]


Following the Boxer Rebellion, Zheng Zu relocated four of the five Houses outside of China into the nations that aggressed against the Society, with the Deadly Staff in England.[2] Zu's daughter Zheng Zhilan and an unnamed son were raised in the House, with the latter eventually becoming its Champion, Brother Staff. Following Zu's death, Brother Staff became the new Supreme Commander of the Society and used the House of the Deadly Staff as the main headquarters of the Society.[1] When Sister Hammer usurped control from Staff, she continued using the House as the main headquarters and made use of its laboratory to create her Jiangshi army.[3] After Hammer is ousted by Shang-Chi, the ceremony for his ascension is held at the House of the Deadly Staff.[4]

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The House of the Deadly Staff houses a shrine dedicated to Zheng Zu whose spirit will light the torch designating the true leader of the Five Weapons Society. Much like with Zu's other bases, the House comes equipped with a secret laboratory.


Warriors of the Deadly Staff, Brother Staff, Sister Hammer

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