Howard Lindley had been picked on all his life for small stature and slight build. This problem continued on into his working career as a scientist. Lindley was secretly in love with his lab technician Anne Benson and they even went out on several dates, taking taunts from the other scientists at the lab when he did so. Even though Anne appeared to enjoy herself on these dates, Lindley was too sensitive and lacking in confidence to believe her, thinking that she just pitied him.

Later, Lindley spied a large character named Bruttu in a comic book and wished that he possessed his form and strength, in order to teach those that made fun of him a lesson. While daydreaming at work, Lindley inadvertantly turned an atomic machine's controls up to maximum. Somehow the energy of the machine acted upon the energy from Lindley's thought processes transforming him into a real-life Bruttu! Once the transformation took place, Lindley realized what happaned and was horrified to see that he had become a monster. Unused to the large, unwieldly body, Lindley inadvertantly smashed through the wall of the lab and out onto the street, where he was instantly regarded as a monster. Lindley tried to tell them that he meant no harm, but his vocal cords had also been transformed and all he could produce was a gutteral growl. Bruttu proved impervious to the gunfire of arriving police and escaped below ground into a nearby subway tunnel.

Shortly thereafter, the army was called in with heavy artillery, Bruttu managed to lumber away before being serverly hurt. He decided that the last thing he wanted to do before he was killed as a monster was see his beloved Anne. It was here that he learned that Anne had always been secretely in love with him. With this knowledge, Lindley found a new will to live and went back to the lab hoping to find a way to transform himself back into a human. Once again he turned on the atomic machine at maximum, this time thinking of becoming puny Howard Lindley. The transformation worked, Lindley destroyed the machine deeming it too dangerous for mankind's use, and Howard professed his love for Anne and they lived happily ever after.[1]

Howard Lindley's Bruttu form later appears amongst the monsters that are on a rampage on Earth.[2]


As Bruttu, Lindley possessed superhuman strength and durability, the extent of which is unknown but he did prove invulnerable to gunfire.

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