Quote1 Well, I like Earth, obviously. But it's so unstable. All those different cultures, always changing and moving around... Give me a world that knows its mind, that's what I say. Quote2
-- Howard Mason src

The Skrull that adopted the identity of Howard Mason was an inhabitant of Kral X, a small colony part of the Kral System. The Kral System represented a peculiar portion of the Skrull Empire, a group of planets dedicated solely to the recreation of Earth's culture and media. In the case of Kral X, its prince used it to emulate the 50-year-old TV series The Ritchie Redwood Show,[1] with Howard Mason being one of the characters of its cast, and the identity one of Kral X's Skrulls adopted.[2]

While strolling through a market in another planet, Mason discovered the MIA U.S.Avenger Cannonball being sold as a slave.[3] Mason bought him and took him to Kral X so to have a real Earther to learn from.[2]

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