With Carnage on the loose and taking over Doverton, Colorado, the U.S. Army needed symbiotes to combat the threat.

After the Hybrid symbiote was de-fused, the Riot symbiote was assigned to Boatswain Howard Ogden, who trained with it for months training it for specific tasks. Howard is part of the Mercury Team, a branch of the US Military, formed after the Venom debacle.[1]

He and the other human members of the Mercury Team were later killed by Carnage when the criminal encountered the ghost town their secret base was located at by chance during his murderous journey around the United States.[2]


Super human speed: Riot can move at incredible velocity, even faster than the human eye can follow.

Wall-Climbing Abilities: Riot/Odgen can also hang upside-down from walls and presumably climb vertical surfaces, much like all symbiotes


Pistols, knife

Rico Axelson (Phage), comments that Howard did not fully pass the mental health test.

  • The Riot name for the symbiote wasn't officially used until Carnage, U.S.A. #2, with Howard Ogden as host.
    • Riot was originally the name of an action-figure (described as having many limbs and being as big as a house) but the name stuck in the symbiote mythos for the name of Trevor Cole's symbiote.

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