Quote1 The most merciful thing in the the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. Quote2
-- H.P. Lovecraft src
Quote1 We live on a placid island of ignorance, in the the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far...! Quote2
--H.P. Lovecraft[src]

H.P. Lovecraft was born in 1890.[3][4]

Lovecraft was a horror writer:[5]

  • He wrote about the True Faeries, as the Old Ones.[2]
  • At the time of World War I, a man, stranded on the sea after a German sea raid, eventually found himself on an island in the South Pacific, inhabited by fishmen who worshiped Dagon and offered him sacrifices in the form of fish and drowned men. He witnessed the horrible sacrificial ceremony and by the coming of Dagon, and was subsequently rendered insane by the experience. The man managed to flee the island and found himself in San Francisco, where he tried to learn more about what he had seen, and wrote down his story, until he was found back by the fishmen. That story was later published by H.P. Lovecraft, with the man as narrator, under the title "Dagon".[6]

Although some of Lovecraft's subject actually exist in Earth-616, his works are presented as fiction.[5] Myrna Lukaikas possessed a book by (or about) "HPL", as part of her collection on occult matters.[1]

He died in 1937.[3][4]

Reclusive Scholar (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 2 3 0001

The reclusive scholar of Providence

  • Lovecraft name is used as an adjective, "Lovecraftian", to describe eldritch horrors.[7][8]

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