Howard Stark, Sr. faked his own death when his grandson was extremely young. He then went to work for Project Tomorrow, a project where he created human/machine hybrids, thus the Arsenal Units were created. When Howard desired "an upgrade" for himself, he hired Ghost and Justine Hammer to steal the upgrades from Tony Stark's labs. After the Ghost stole an item mysteriously known as Remnant 242, Howard was confused about what the item can do. This forces him to have Tony kidnapped and brought to Project Tomorrow. There he was able to coerce Tony to unlock the item of Remnant 242, but was surprised to instead discover the decapitated head of an alternate Tony Stark. Tony revealed that he discovered it when he was with Reed Richards experimenting with his multiversal gate when the head came through from its dimension. Howard was then killed when the head activated a self-mechanism that could shut down and destroy machinery, which caused Howard to die instantly without his damaged machine body.[1]


Howard Stark, Sr. has no powers of his own but they are derived from his armor.


Howard is dependent on his armor for survival.


Iron Monger-type armor


Various weapons systems

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