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Howard Stark was the head of Stark International, a former munitions company. Upon his son's birth, Howard decided to opt out of the weapons industry and work with other technologies.

He disappeared and was presumed dead in the plane explosion that also injured Tony. After his "death", his position as CEO was taken over by Obadiah Stane.

At the End of Tales of Suspense, Part 2, Gene Khan told Tony Stark his father was still alive.

During Season 2 of Iron Man: Armored Adventures Howard Stark was forced to help Gene Khan find the last 5 rings of the Mandarin. Upon finding the ninth ring, they are trapped by Doctor Doom, and Iron Man must come to the rescue. Following this, Howard obtains his freedom once more.

As Justin Hammer's criminal activities are revealed, Howard regains control of Stark International. He acts with patience and wisdom, causing some friction with his more aggressive son.

Though he seemed unaware of Tony's super hero activities, he later revealed that he realized that only Tony could of come up with the Iron Man design the moment he first saw it.



Seemingly those of Howard Stark of Earth-616.

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