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Howard T. Duck Private Investigations is a detective agency run by Howard the Duck in Cleveland, Ohio.

New York City

Howard returned to his business as a private eye, working in the same building as She-Hulk, in Brooklyn. One of his first new clients was Jonathan Richards, who hired Howard to retrieve a necklace stolen by the Black Cat. With the help of Tara Tam, a new ally, Howard managed to recover the necklace, but in his way to give it back to Richards he found himself kidnapped by the Collector,[1] allied with the Guardians of the Galaxy to escape the villain's collection,[2] and confronting the Ringmaster, who had been hypnotizing old people into robbing for him.

After recovering the necklace for a third time, Howard was approached by Richards in the middle of his fight against the Ringmaster, and Richards revealed himself to be Talos the Untamed.[3]

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