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Synopsis for "Swan-Song... Of The Living Dead Duck!"

Hatching out of an egg, Howard suddenly is chased by a giant hand into a room where small people react with hostility to his presence. He is suddenly approached by a giant ape named Kong Lomerate, who's word is law, he crushes Howard with a giant stamp that reads "Canceled" in flaming letters once lifted from Howard's spot.

Surviving and find himself climbing a wintery mountain top, Howard enters the home of the Guru, and finds Omega the Unknown living inside. He asks Omega what the meaning of life is, "Gimme it straight! Why am I?" asks Howard, to which Omega responds "Why not?" He and Omega then go on a boat ride which leads to Howard being caught in a whirl pool. Dropping into a room where Beverly is waiting, she opens her face to reveals a flower, which squirts water in his face. Howard then retreats back into the egg that he hatched from.

Howard realizes soon that this is all a dream, and when he tries to get a glass of water to down some aspirin, the spout pours out webbing and Spider-Man materializes, Howard realizes he's still dreaming. When Spider-Man offers him a book titled "When I Say No I Feel Guilty, A Guide to Assertive Behavior" Howard violently rejects the self-help book and Spider-Man vanishes. Howard tries to wake himself up but to no avail, so he decides to travel over to the coffee shop to think.

There he finds the coffee shop is filled with his foes: The Bellhop, The Gingerbread Man, Pro-Rata, Turnip Man, Gonzo, and Winki Man. All of whom name call Howard, turning around and leaving, Howard runs into Dr. Strange, who takes him back to face Le Beaver once more.

As Howard confronts Le Beaver, he is mocked by the Kidney Lady. Deciding to flee once more, Howard is stopped on the tightrope over Niagara Falls by Sgt. Dudley who makes him do a customs declaration. Howard loses his balance and falls down into the water, and finds himself in a Hell-like place, with all of his friends and foes taunting him.

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