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Synopsis for "Quack-Up!"

Having been asleep since his battle with Le Beaver and plagued by bad dreams, Howard's condition worries Beverly enough to call a doctor. When the doctor identifies that Howard is suffering from a breakdown and needs rest, the two decide to let Howard sleep while they go for coffee.

Howard awakens and finds that he is being patronized by voices in his head. Going out to find Beverly, Howard finds her having a good time with the doctor in the nearby coffee shop and in a brokenhearted jealousy decides to split. Going to a Black Dog Bus Lines ticket counter, Howard buys a ticket for the soonest bus and to the end of the line, little knowing that he purchased a ticket back to Cleveland.

On the bus, Howard meets Winda Wester, a young girl who has been put on the bus to go to Cleveland in order to get an exorcism, because her parents think she's possessed because she likes to make funny faces and noises as a means of making herself feel good.

Howard and Winda soon are accosted by various followers of different religions all trying to get Howard to accept their books as the cure for what ails him. Howard gets pushed around enough where he begins to get agitated. To make matters worse, it turns out the Kidney Lady is riding on the bus. Believing that Howard has been following her as part of the "Kidney Conspiracy", she resumes antagonizing Howard, and he eventually loses his temper and gets in a fight with the Kidney Lady.

As the religious nuts and Winda all try to stop the fight, all the commotion distracts the bus driver enough to cause him to drive off the highway and crash. While surprisingly everybody survives the crash, however Howard, Winda and the Kidney Lady are all taken away in an ambulance under police custody.

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