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Appearing in "Mind-Mush!"

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Synopsis for "Mind-Mush!"

Waking up in a jail cell, Howard soon learns that he, Winda and the Kidney Lady are being brought before a traffic court in Sauerbraten County, Ohio, for the fight they started on the Black Dog bus they were riding. Brought before the judge, the Kidney Lady tells a sob story about how when she was a young woman she was seduced and ran away from home with a spiritual book seller, and after being wined and dined in Cleveland she woke up one morning to find him gone, leaving a note saying that he had been drafted. She tells the judge, that she has kept the last thing he left for her, a copy of the book he was selling "The Human Kidney, Seat of the Soul" and that she has tried her best to live by its teachings. That, weighed against Howard's violent outburst during her story, and Winda's confession that she was going to Cleveland for an exorcism, convinces the judge that the Kidney Woman is free to go and sentences Howard and Winda to spend time in the Sauerbraten County Medical Facility.

There, the two are processed by nurses and while Winda is interviewed by Doc Avery, Howard is locked in a padded room until the isolation makes him willing to take the medication that the nurse brings to him. Listening to Winda's story, Doc Avery tells her that the home address she gave them belongs to a vacant lot, leaving Winda to believe her family has left her. The Doc tells her that they may arrange for an exorcism (something he will do to prove that one isn't needed) and takes Howard in. However, Howard isn't so responsive as he is in a drug induced stupor. Their interview is cut short when there is a scream from outside. Going out to check it out, Howard and Doc Avery are shocked to see the rock band Kiss materializing out of Winda's head.

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