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Synopsis for "Rock, Roll Over and Writhe!"

With the rock band Kiss materializing out of Winda's mind, panic erupts in the sanitarium. After subduing the security, the Catman tells Howard the word, which is "When you meet reality head-on -- Kiss it, smack in the face!" before disappearing back into Winda's mind, but not before one of the sanitarium nurses can snap a picture of the spectacle.

When nurse Barbara brings this photo and an x-ray of Howard to the headmaster Dr. Reich, the doctor is upset when he hears that Doc Avery has called in an exorcist to deal with Winda, he commands Barbara to stop Avery before its too late to their plans. While in a padded cell, Howard snaps out of his drug induced stupor and tells Winda a little about his life. How as a duckling he was the first born and subject to high expectations. Growing up he started off as a folk singer, but moved from job to job until he was caught in the dimensional Nexus that brought him to Earth.

When Barbara comes down to tell Avery to desist in bringing in an exorcist, she finds that she is too late and that the Doc has called in his old university friend Daimon Hellstrom to help. Viewing Winda, Daimon concludes that Winda is not possessed by demons, but has some latent psychic abilities (which may have reached to a parallel reality and conjured Kiss' appearance), and deems her fit for release, however he doesn't quite diagnose Howard. When the two go out to discuss Howard's origins, Daimon and Avery finds members of the Yucchies on the premises. When they realize that they were let in the compound, they realize that they had come for Winda. The two then rush inside.

Meanwhile, Barbara grabs Winda away while Cecil keeps Howard restrained, Howard is eventually knocked out and left in the padded cell by himself. In Dr. Reich's office, Reverend Yucc (who survived the house explosion two issues ago) is meeting with Dr. Reich to see Winda and perform a ceremony himself.

Going down to the cellar, Reverend Yucc tortures Winda by hitting her in the face with a rose. While upstairs Howard is revived by Daimon and Avery, and the three go down to the basement. There Hellstrom tries to access his Satanic abilities and turn into Son of Satan, however Reverend Yucc -- aware of Hellstrom's nature -- casts a counter spell that interferes with the transformation, instead of turning Hellstrom into the Son of Satan, Hellstrom's Satanic half is transferred to Howard instead turning him into the Duck of Satan.

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