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Synopsis for "A Duck Possessed!"

Possessed by the Satanic portion of Daimon Hellstrom's soul, Howard frees Winda and the two fly out of the mental hospital. However, the demonically possessed and evil Howard leaves Winda alone on the side of the road when she almost makes them crash when she touches his satanic trident. While back at the hospital, Doc Avery threatens to write up Dr. Reich for what is happening in the institution, and Daimon speeds off to try and catch up with Howard and Winda.

Howard has flown to Cleveland seeking out Beverly, and finds her in Paul Same's apartment (having gone there after realizing Howard was gone and figured Cleveland would be the first place he'd go) Howard flies to Sunspot Slope where he begins demanding that Beverly explain what she was doing with the doctor while he was sick and what her true feelings are for him.

Daimon and Winda (who was picked up by Daimon) arrive and Daimon runs down Howard with the car as the two bail from it. Howard destroys the car and attacks Daimon. However when the Satanic soul, now in full control now that Howard's consciousness was knocked out, attacks Daimon, Daimon uses the opportunity to reclaim his demonic half.

In the process of doing so, Howard's soul is dissipated into a smoke that allows him to simultaneously live the lives of everyone in Cleveland before Son of Satan reconstitutes his soul and returns it to his body. Later, at Paul Same's apartment, Daimon calls Doc Avery who tells him that Winda and Howard are free to go, while in Dr. Reich's office, Dr. Reich orders Barbara and Reverend Yuc to pack up and relocate to Yuc's private university where they will begin the next phase of their plan.


  • This issue contains an advertisement for Hostess Snacks featuring Spider-Man and Madam Web.
  • "Dr Reich" appears to be a reincarnation or at least a look-alike to Adolph Hitler. However, as we never see "the next phase of their plan," this plot thread gets dropped.

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