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Synopsis for "The Island of Dr. Bong"

While on their cruise home from the nation of Bagamon, Howard, Beverly, Winda and Paul relax and enjoy the much-needed vacation. Howard finally has shut out the voices in his head, however he is knocked overboard when a shuffleboard puck hit by Winda strikes him in the head.

Realizing Howard can't swim, everyone rushes to toss him a life ring, when suddenly out of the water comes a giant sea monster wearing a top hat (Yes, a top hat). While the creature attacks the ship, Howard notices that it has a button on its side that activates its pleasure centers. Pushing the button, the sea monster enters a euphoria and leaves the ship alone.

Pulled back ashore, Howard is considered a hero and the captain of the ship holds a formal dinner and invites Howard and his friends along. When the main course turns out to be duck a l'orange, Howard runs up to the front of the ship to throw up. Resting in a deck chair, Howard is almost creamed by a giant falling rock. When everyone else comes outside to check what the noise was, the ship is suddenly bombarded with rocks, killing some of the passengers and incapacitating the boat.

As the crew tries as many ways as possible to call for help (even going so far as sending out a message in a bottle) one of the boulders cracks open like an egg and a giant stone swan flies out. As Beverly instinctively grabs onto it, Howard grabs onto her to be pulled along for the ride. They are deposited on a nearby bell-shaped island and end up landing in quicksand.

Sinking, the pair are rescued by a bunch of humanoid animals, one of which is a humanoid duck. Rescued, they are met by the creatures' master, Dr. Bong, who welcomes them to his island.

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