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Placed in Dr. Bong's Evolo-Chamber device, Howard is about to undergo an experiment conducted by Dr. Bong. However, Beverly won't allow it and starts trying to stop the process by fiddling with the controls. It begins a chain reaction which causes an explosion. Howard is saved by Fifi who carries the Duck to safety, while Dr. Bong and Beverly assume that Howard was destroyed in the explosion. Beverly tries to escape, and soon finds that Bong's castle has been transported to the Himalayan mountains. Bong catches up to her and teleports away with her so that they can get married as part of her deal with him.

Meanwhile, Fifi takes Howard back up to his room where he transforms into a human being. Given a new set of clothes, he and Fifi escape Bong's castle in a Bongsaucer. While somewhere out at sea, Dr. Bong appears aboard a Russian vessel that is in danger of being attacked by a US boat for coming too close to American waters. Bong offers to take the ship to safety if the Captain agrees to marry him and Beverly aboard the ship.

As this is occurring, Fifi and Howard cross over into American airspace just near New York City, but are shot down by US military planes when they are unable to communicate with them via radio. The ship crashes in central park, and Fifi dies as a result of the crash, however Howard manages to slip away and cusses out the crowd of gawkers that had come to comment about Fifi's duck-like features. Wandering off to a park bench to figure himself out, Howard is badgered about his next course of action, or if he should just give up on life or not, by a haunting image of his duck self. He is snapped out of his thoughts when a police officer tells him not to sleep on the park bench and move along. Howard then travels off in the lonely night trying to figure out what he should do next.

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