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Other Characters:

  • Mad Dog
  • Elton
  • Amy Pope




Synopsis for "Howard the Human"

Wandering the streets of New York trying to figure out what to do with himself now that he's been turned into a human, Howard gets firsthand experience of life on the streets in New York City. Ending up in Grand Central Station, Howard goes to the bathroom to clean himself up and ends up meeting the drunken derelict named Mad Dog, who asks him for change (and just about anything of value that Howard can give up) Howard is talked into buying the man some coffee, however when the coffee shop owner will not allow Mad Dog into the shop, Mad Dog snaps and goes into a rampage in the store. Inside, Lisa Pope is listening to her former co-worker Elton (both are unemployed) pour his heart out to her. However finding him pathetic, she notices Howard's apathy to the situation when Howard walks away from the fight and chases after him finding him interesting.

Taking him home, she tells Howard all about her life, and about her issues with Elton before coercing him into bed and having sex with him. While at the castle of Dr. Bong, Bong learns that Howard had survived and managed to escape to New York. Furious that his fowl foe had escaped, Bong teleports himself to New York to find Howard.

Outside Lisa Pope's apartment, Elton has been waiting outside, feeling that Lisa doesn't know what she's doing throwing herself at a strange man bursts into her apartment thinking that Howard is taking advantage of her "delicate womanhood." When the two focus their attention to Howard, they're both shocked find not a man, but a Duck. Howard, oblivious to the fact that he's changed back into a duck, decides to take a shower. While there he realized that his coital encounter with Lisa had caused the mutation to reverse itself, before Howard can do much else Dr. Bong appears in the shower with him vowing to destroy his foe once and for all.

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