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Synopsis for "Scrubba-Dub Death!"

While taking a shower in Lisa Pope's apartment, Howard's much needed shower is interrupted by the arrival of Dr. Bong who has come to kill Howard once and for all. However Howard manages to escape Bong and make it out onto the streets, where he manages to strike Bong's bell helmet with a tire iron activating his teleportation device and sending him to points unknown. Realizing that he's now nude, Howard steals some unflattering clothing (proclaiming him a "Foxy Lady") and tries to get a job, he ends up taking a dish-washing job at a restaurant.

He is shown the ropes by the exiting dishwasher, Sudd, who is leaving this job to work for SOOFI (Save Our Offspring From Indecency) a group that tries to ban offensive material. When Sudd accidentally leaves some cleaner in the microwave and turns it on, it explodes turning him into a monster made out of soap suds, and goes on a rampage destroying all things that he finds offensive. In the slum neighbourhood that Sudd is ravaging, the locals who are sick of the drug dealing and other crimes cheer on the monster in spite of its murderous rampage.

Feeling responsible, Howard and the shop owner find an antidote printed on the side of a bottle of the same cleaner and mix a batch which they throw on Sudd, causing him to dissipate, ending his rampage but bringing the ire of the neighbourhood who believed that Sudd was doing what nobody else was willing to do.

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