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Fleeing from an angry mob for destroying Sudd, Howard flees his boss into his apartment. Deciding to leave and setup someplace else, Howard learns his boss hailed from Cleveland. More surprising, Howard also learns that his boss is named Beverly Switzler (call him Lee for short), and is the uncle of Beverly. Leaving the apartment, Lee tells Howard that he can make himself at home as the apartment is rented out for the rest of the month.

Meanwhile, all across the city, members of S.O.O.F.I. (Save Our Offspring From Indecency) have launched a campaign of terror against all those they find offensive. Blowing up adult theaters and offensive rock concerts with their suicide bombers dressed up as smiley faced cleaners. Their campaign of terror has those who are in support of removing offensive materials from society at odds with SOOFI's violent means to eliminate the perceived problem.

Watching the news Howard, is suddenly roused by a knock at the door. There to greet him is the Supreme SOOFI, leader of the SOOFI movement. The Supreme SOOFI knocks out Howard with one of their gasses Formula 410. When Howard wakes up he finds himself dressed up tacky clothing. Confronted by the Supreme SOOFI once more, the Supreme one has decided to select Howard as the first to be put in the SOOFI brainwashing device, as their numbers have been thinned out in their campaign. Using the Blanditron device on Howard, the Supreme SOOFI is shocked when it doesn't work when Howard punches her in the face, breaking her mask. With her movement ruined, Howard leaves the Supreme SOOFI behind begging Howard to return and join her ranks.


The Supreme SOOFI's real identity is unrevealed, save that she is a recognizable brown-haired public figure "from the Sunshine State," which might be a swipe at Anita Bryant, who was a spokesperson for Florida orange juice and famous for her "public decency" campaign in the '70s.

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