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Synopsis for "May the Farce Be with You!"

Relaxing on the roof of Lee Switzler's apartment, Howard is waiting for Paul and Winda to arrive in New York from their cruise. Howard is suddenly attacked by a giant salt shaker with simian arms and legs and a giant house fly, both of which he is able to fight off. Howard is suddenly visited by Dakimh the Enchanter and the Man-Thing, who have come to gather him to help them save the universe again. In spite of Howard's protests, they are all teleported back to the Land Between Night and Day, where they are reunited with Korrek (Earth-616) and Jennifer Kale.

There, Dakimh brings them to the Eternal Waters to show them a story and tells all present of a distant time in the realm of Megrim a realm ruled by a demon named Sombra, who once every millennium or two chooses a mate from the realm's strongest warrior. The most recent winner produced an offspring named Bzzk'Joh (Pronounced Berserk Joe). Bzzk'Joh is now a powerful force in the universe which Dakimh hopes to eliminate with the Farce, a powerful universal energy source which would allow those to "Yok it Up". When Dakimh endows Howard with a rifle that utilizes the Farce before disappearing.

Howard, still refusing to help and retreating to the kitchen of Dakimh's castle for a meal, is attacked by a giant pickle. Howard is saved by the timely arrival of the Man-Thing who destroys the pickle monster by burning it when it begins to fear him. As Howard laments over his situation, they are suddenly startled by Jennifer screaming. Rushing back to the Eternal Waters, Howard and Man-Thing find that Bzzk'Joh has appeared out of the water and grabbed Jennifer.


  • The title to this issue is a lampoon of "May the Force Be With You", a famous tagline from the 1977 science fiction film, Star Wars.

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