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With Jennifer grabbed by Bzzk'Joh, he pulls her down into the Eternal Waters, however not before Jennifer uses her magical powers to animate Naac-P30, and Tutu, two Druid Droids that help Howard, Korrek and Man-Thing stop Joh. When Howard still refuses to help, Korrek threatens Howard. Howard concedes when he tries to use the gun that was given to him by Dakimh and it turns out that all it does is shoot a comedic flag.

Boarding Dakimh's ship the Epoch Weasel into the universe to get to Joh's base the Imperium Emporiun, the group escapes one of their delivery truck weapons. However their ship is damaged forcing them to land at the Hollywok Cantina. There they try to find transport dealing with Real Californians. Being told to speak to Big Mac about getting transport, Korrek tries to do so politely, however he violently attacks Mac when he refuses to help transport them causing the Real Californians to attack them. Howard manages to dispel them using the Farce through his gun incapacitating them all.

Securing a new ship, the group manages to burst into Bzzk'Joh's Imperium Emporium, a giant space ship themed after a box store. There they fight through Joh's army, and free Jennifer and escape just as the Emporium is set to explode, destroying Joh and all his followers in a massive explosion.

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