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Appearing in "Where Do You Go -- What Do You Do -- The Night After You Saved The Universe?"

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  • S.S. Damned

Synopsis for "Where Do You Go -- What Do You Do -- The Night After You Saved The Universe?"

Jennifer Kale, Korrek, and the Man-Thing drop Howard off back at Lee Switzler's apartment in New York before departing once more. Howard realizes that Winda and Paul's ship should be pulling in at dawn. Finding that he cannot sleep, or distract his mind with television, Howard decides to take a walk outside to mull over everything that has happened to him in the last while and figure out what to do with himself.

Along his walk, his foot is grabbed by a drunken man who is dreaming about a woman who left him and is crying for her to stay. Howard is unable to pull his foot free and soon becomes a target for three thieves who hope to rob them. Howard manages to dispel them and free himself by putting out his cigar on the drunk man's hand causing him to scream loud enough to scare the thieves away.

Bumping into a bag lady, causing her to drop all her possessions, Howard apologizes only to be chewed out by the woman who gathers up her things and spits in his face. Later, when a woman is attacked by a man at a bus stop, Howard rushes to her rescue to find that she's punched him out, and that they were husband and wife having another failed attempt at spicing up their romance life.

Howard decides to stop at an all night donut shop to find that owner tied up and the register cleaned out. Howard unties the man and accepts a free coffee as he listens to the owner talk about how a customer tied him up and robbed him over a pastry that broke one of his teeth. Realizing it's dawn, Howard rushes to the port just in time for Paul and Winda's arrival. Reunited once again, Howard jumps into Winda's arms and passes out from exhaustion.

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